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Services for each project stage


Each project starts with your idea


We add our skills to create a concrete, sustainable project that pays particular attention to aesthetic and functional aspects. As part of this we also carry out a feasibility study.

Our knowledge of the full production process up to moulding the product means that we can let you know about any critical issues that may arise while creating the product, at the initial co-design stage.

Our technicians are available to help perfect your design idea and improve the technical and functional aspects.



The technical department can work with any interface using systems such as 3D NX and Solidworks for the design process, and Work NC and Mastercam for 3/5-axis CAM programming (including continuous).

At this stage, the final design is engineered by our technicians who create 3D product designs, which also take into account all the technical and functional aspects of the project (operating requirements, ergonomics, electronic housing, etc.).

Constructing moulds for plastics and zamak die-casting

STF is specialised in constructing mono-material, bi-material, tri-material, sandwich and unscrewing moulds for plastics, as well as moulds for zamak die-casting.

STF produces moulds up to 12,000 kg, thanks to its production area which includes latest-generation 3 and 5-axis machining centres. Constant equipment control and monitoring allows us to provide timely compliance feedback for the work we carry out.

Pre-production testing


On request, STF guarantees a testing service for the final mould product and a pre-production mould.

This is a strategic part of the process, as it allows us to pre-empt any problems and fine-tune the mould as necessary, within the timeframe agreed on together.



STF si dimostra a fianco del cliente anche a progetto concluso. L’attività di manutenzione viene svolta per garantire una maggiore longevità dello stampo nel tempo, nonostante i cicli di produzione intensivi a cui viene sottoposto.

La manutenzione consente quindi di mantenere elevati standard qualitativi del prodotto finale.

L’azienda è in grado di eseguire modifiche e manutenzioni anche su stampi non realizzati da STF.

"We work with precision, on schedule, to provide the best results"


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